Harry, Harold, Noir, Hurricane, Momo.....This black Labrador has many names.

Harry and Lucy have been though life side by side since day dot.

Harry started going to work with Lucy as a puppy, he would sleep under Lucy's desk. The older he got the more adventurous he became, sneaking out onto the shop floor, lying around on the cool cement, often people would ask is that dog stuffed, he’s a pretty laid back character. He had the garbage man wrapped around his paw, he would bring him a handful of biscuits every Thursday, garbage day, spoilt!

He was a wonderful attraction to get all the lovely mum's and dad's to call into the shop and browse the new ranges arriving in, as most of their children dragged them to see Harry, they would bring toys for him at Christmas and a bone every other week.

Harry accompanies Lucy to all markets, fairs, functions, events and anything else branded